8 Things to know before you travel to China

Are you scary for travelling to china first time? Especially, if you’re travelling to
any foreign country first time, then this will be little scary thing for you.
Well, no worries. China is a lovely place to visit. It will amaze you by its vast
culture and new cities.
More tourists around the world are visiting china to experience its ancient history
and to innovate new people.
This article is all about 10 things to remember before travelling to China.
Things to know before you travel to China
1. Travel with a tour guide
2. Get your visa before arrived
3. Chinese food everywhere
4. Carry a packet of tissue paper
5. Air pollution, everywhere
6. Take a cash with you
7. Take your regular medicines with you
8. Get a VPN for China
1. Travel with a tour guide
Try to travel with a tour guide or a tour company. This will save you from many
hurdles. The tour guide can act as your translator and investigate other matters.
He will book a restaurant or rattle off an order for you. He will solve your room
problems, arrange medical needs, booking rides, find a best place to hang out,
save your money and most importantly help you to enjoy your tour without any
2. Get your visa before arrived

If your trip to china is more than a week, then you must have you visa with you.
You can get it by applying online and later, to fulfil certain documents. If you are
coming with a tour company, then they will do this procedure on your behalf.
Without having a visa, you can’t stay for a long duration.
3. Chinese food everywhere
If you’re not a fond of Chinese food. No worries. You will see big fast food brands
everywhere. Go there and enjoy your meal. If you have allergy to any specified
food, then avoid eating that food. Otherwise, it will ruin your whole trip.
The food is here but don’t forget you bring a plastic forks and spoons packet with
you. You won’t find a fork everywhere.
4. Carry a packet of tissue paper
Tissue papers are not available in china for free not even in restaurants or hotels.
So, make sure to carry some of the tissue packets along you. Like toilet or tissues,
you won’t get soap or hand sanitizer for free. Simply, bring your own.
5. Air pollution, everywhere
In china, you’ve to cope with the problem of air pollution. Air pollution is more in
Beijing. Many people wear masks on days with high rate of air pollution. Only
solution is to get mask while you’re there. It will safe you to avoid any breathing
6. Take a cash with you
Shopkeepers at china don’t accept any other currency other then their own.
International ATM’s are acceptable at every visiting place except few. Before
travelling to china, tell your bank. This will save you from any canceled
7. Take your regular medicines with you
Medicines are easily available at the Chinese pharmacies with reasonable rates.
You can also get any without prescription (with a reason) while their hospitals are
very crowded. It’s better to take your prescription and medicines with you to
avoid any tension.
8. Get a VPN for China

Keep in mind that social networking sites are blocked in China. If you want to get
access to these sites in china, then install VPN for you. You will need to purchase
VPN because many free VPN won’t work in china.
Final words
China is a very friendly place to visit. Don’t listen to rumors.

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